Runoff Election 2019: Governor

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Governor John Bel Edwards

Governor Edwards has been working alongside teachers and support staff for the betterment of schools and students since his early days as a member of the House of Representatives. 

In 2012 Edwards fought Jindal's efforts to eliminate teacher tenure across the state.

In 2013 Edwards worked with LFT to oppose Jindal's voucher expansion programs and protect our retirement. 

As Governor, Edwards has pulled the state out of a $2 billion deficit. Because of his work, we can finally begin to re-invest in long-underfunded programs like public education. That's why this year, for the first time in a decade, teachers and support staff got a state-wide pay raise. It wasn't much, but it was the first time Louisiana was able to afford to give us anything, and that's because of JBE's success with the economy. If we continue down this path, little by little, we'll get teachers back up to the Southern Regional Average for pay and fully fund public education.

We still have a long way to go, but Rispone will only bring us backwards. Rispone was right there, standing next to Jindal as he privatized schools, hired John White, and pushed Louisiana into a $2 billion budget deficit. He worked with Betsy Devos’ to bring her education policies to Louisiana by creating and overseeing the Louisiana division of her pro-privatization political action fund. Rispone will be just as destructive as Jindal was, if not worse. We must fight for our future and defend our children's schools. 

VOTE November 16th