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The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education


It's more important than ever for Teachers and School Employees to stay up to date with our BESE: Louisiana's Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. Here you will find regular updates about what's going on in BESE so you can stay up to date about everything that impacts you, your school and your students.

BESE Considers Waivers

BESE Update: October 2021

This month BESE conducted their regularly scheduled Committee meetings and full Board Meeting on October 12th and 13th. During their lengthy discussions, the Board considered waiver requested from different school districts, including a state-wide waiver for school letter grades. LFT Legislative & Political Director addressed the board three times during the meeting to point out their failure to prioritize the needs of teachers and school employees.

Ask BESE to Pass a Larger Raise!

On Thursday, April 29th, the Senate Education Committee voted to reject the MFP proposal that had been sent to the legislature by the Board of Elementary and ask that they increase the teacher/school employee pay raise. The legislature has done the hard work and come up with the money to fund the salary increase, now BESE needs to do their part. The recommendation they submitted to BESE, calls for a $1,000 increase for teachers/certified personnel and $500 for uncertified personnel.

BESE Considers Raises

Today, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) passed their proposal for the minimum foundation program (MPF) – the funding formula for Louisiana’s K-12 schools. Unsurprisingly, their proposal was exactly what the MFP Task Force recommended last week.

BESE’s proposal calls for an $80 million dollar increase in the MFP – a 1.375% increase in general classroom funding (level 1) and 1.375%, or $40 million, for raises (level 3). That comes out to $400 increase for teachers and $200 for school employees, spread out over the entire year. “Our teachers and school employees deserve better,” said LFT President Larry Carter in response to the proposal.

LDOE Focus Group

At the January meeting of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, Superintendent Cade Brumley presented the results from a Focus Group that the Department conducted to better analyze the implementation of their 2020-2021 Strong Start School Reopening Plan. Essentially, the department wanted to check in with different stakeholders to get a feel for how this school year is going. Here are their results. 

May Report 2020


The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education chooses our next State Superintendent. 

After skipping last month's meeting due to COVID-19, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education met on May 19th and 20th. Additional precautions were taken to ensure everyone's safety. Masks were required for everyone, gloves were provided for additional security, staff cleaned the tables and microphones before each person's testimony, and everyone was required to stay 6 feet apart. To that end, many of the BESE members sat in the audience at pres-spaced points and only 25% of the seats could be filled. 

Choosing the Next State Superintendent

The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education's State Superintendent Search committee has narrowed the search down to six finalists. It is vital that BESE hears from educators like you before making this important decision. The finalists have all interviewed before BESE and you can read their resume and watch their interview below.

Jessica Baghian     video interview  |  resume and cover letter 
Cade Brumley    video interview  |  resume and cover letter
Lonnie Luce    video interview  |  resume and cover letter
Heather Poole    video interview  |  resume and cover letter
Joe Siedlecki    video interview  |  resume and cover letter
Paul Vallas    video interview  |  resume and cover letter

March Report 2020

While we’re happy that this is more than what was originally proposed by the Governor’s office, it does not include any money specifically allocated for support staff raise. LFT President Larry Carter testified before BESE on Tuesday about the importance of guaranteeing raises for our dedicated and underpaid support staff.

January Report 2020

January 2020 means a new Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. Last year, each seat was up for re-election and while most members retained their seat on the board, we have four new faces: Dr. Belinda Davis, Preston Castille, Ashley Ellis, and Ronnie Morris.

Attendance Report

Every member of the board attended the special meeting on January 16th.

Ms. Boffy was absent from all the committee meetings on January 28th and the full board meeting on January 29th

Ms. Ellis was absent from the three committee meetings on January 28th (the School Innovation and Turnaround Committee, the Administration and Finance Committee, and the Policy Forum Committee meeting) and the full board meeting on January 29th.

Know Your BESE Representatives


2020 means a new Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. Seven members of the board have returned for a new term, and we have four new faces as well. Get to know your representatives.