The October Edition

Teacher Shortage Worsening
The fact that Louisiana doesn’t have enough qualified teachers to fill the need in each school is nothing new, but the latest data reveals the problem is even worse than previously believed. Student enrollment at LSU School of Education plunged 57% in the past decade and 39% in the past five years. Meanwhile, TRSL reports that K-12 retirements went up 25% from 2020 to 2021 and according to the Louisiana Department of Education, 61% of teachers who leave are doing so within their first 10 years, highlighting the state’s issues retaining qualified teachers. There are fewer teachers and school employees in the schools’ serving students, and fewer than ever entering the profession, painting a bleak picture for the future.

The September Edition

On August 29th, Hurricane Ida made landfall on Southeastern Louisiana destroying property, damaging homes, and leaving many citizens without power or potable water for weeks on end. We are still working to repair the extensive damage and care for those who lost the most. It’s clear that the rebuilding and recovery efforts will take time.

AFT Hardship Relief Grants for Members
There is still time to apply -- APPLICATIONS ARE DUE FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1ST.

Tell the Senate Education Committee How Ida Has Impacted You!

On Tuesday, September 28th the Senate Education Committee is meeting to discuss "Storm Impacts and Recovery of K-12 Schools." They will be meeting with Superintendents from *some* of the school districts impacted by Hurricane Ida, but it's important that your elected senators also hear from teachers and school employees who are working in our schools every day. 

Let them know how Hurricane Ida has impacted you and your students!

Hardship Assistance Grants: Hurricane Ida


Less than two weeks ago Hurricane Ida ravaged parts of Southeastern Louisiana. Power lines were torn down, water was left undrinkable, homes are damaged and destroyed and most unfortunately, lives have been lost. For many, the recovery process has only just started. This is a time when we must all come together to help our neighbors and rebuild our communities. To help aid in this recovery, the Louisiana Federation of Teachers has partnered with the American Federation of Teachers to provide hardship assistance to members impacted by Hurricane Ida.

Special Statement from LFT President Larry Carter on the Aftermath of Hurricane Ida

I am heartbroken to see the damage across Southeastern Louisiana done by Hurricane Ida. While we are no strangers to hurricanes, this exceptional storm has made a significant impact throughout the state, particularly in our low-lying areas in the Southeast. Many homes were damaged or destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people remain without power. Rebuilding our homes and communities may take months.

This week, with the assistance of our national affiliate, the American Federation of Teachers, we have reached out via text to our members in areas impacted by the storm. We have successfully connected with thousands of our members and I am happy to report that the majority of the LFT family is safe, for now, but we have a long road to recovery before us.