Protect teachers injured in the line of duty!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The House of Representatives approved HB 165 by a vote of 67 to 20. It will be heard on Wednesday, May 25, when the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee convenes at 9:30 A.M. Please click here to send members of the committee a message. Tell them to vote NO on HB 165!

Each year, nearly a dozen educators across the state are harmed in the line of duty - sometimes so badly that they are severely injured or even permanently disabled.

Current law entitles them to full pay for injury or disability caused by a student or if by helping a student or other person. But the House of Representatives passed a bill that could force injured and disabled teachers to lose their income

HB 165 would limit full pay to just one year in most cases. After that, educators would have to rely on workers’ compensation. That’s just about two-thirds of their salary. Click here and tell the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee to vote NO on HB 165!


Michigan Legislature lashes out at Detroit schools

The Michigan House of Representatives, ignoring fierce opposition from the Democratic minority, passed a dead-of-night financial aid package for Detroit Public Schools that had been twisted into a partisan screed against Detroit teachers and school employees.


Deceptive voucher schemers slam Gov. John Bel Edwards

This is a joint statement from the Louisiana Federation of Teachers and the Louisiana Association of Educators:

(Baton Rouge – April 28, 2016) A group demanding that the state spend more public education funds on private and religious schools has unleashed a dishonest advertising campaign against Gov. John Bel Edwards.


Schools, TOPS, health care facing budget axe

In a private meeting with leaders from LFT and LAE, Governor Edwards explained the dilemma he faces in asking the Senate Education Committee to reject public education’s proposed $3.7 billion Minimum Foundation Program formula