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Write to Your Legislators: Student Learning Over Politics

Our schools are in crisis, and it should be the top priority for every Louisiana legislator this session. Write to your Louisiana Representative and Senator and help them understand what learning really looks like in our schools and how they can improve the experience of every Louisiana student and teacher. It is time to move past the political status quo and truly prioritize student learning. ​

Click here to send a letter to your legislators asking them to prioritize student learning and end the failed education reforms.

Write Your Legislators: Pay Raise

It’s no secret that Louisiana’s teachers and school employees are underpaid. The average salary for a teacher in Louisiana in the 2019-2020 school year is 51,566, compared to $55,205 for the whole Southern Region. For our most experienced teachers, that gap jumps to almost $11,000. Overall, teachers in the south are paid 16% less than teachers nationwide and nearly 21% less than professionals with similar education levels.

If we don’t overcome the ongoing teacher shortage and properly fund education in this state, students will suffer the consequences. Tell your legislators, in your own words how important it is to fund teacher and school employee pay raises this year.

Write Your Legislators: Planning Time

Every day, teachers find new and creative ways to keep their students learning. Still, a lot of work goes into preparing an excellent lesson. Teachers need adequate planning time to assess student work, review relevant curriculum, prepare their lesson, draft lesson plans, make copies, find resources for their students to use, and more. For many teachers, their planning time is the only point in the day where they have time to drink some water, eat, or use the restroom.

Tell your legislators how important planning time is to you as an educator. How has the staffing shortage increased your workload? How would adequate planning time make you a more effective teacher? Click here to send an email to your State Representative and State Senator. Tell them how important planning time is to Louisiana educators and students in your own words.

Write Your Legislators: Accountability

Louisiana's accountability system is outdated. VAM has been driving away teachers and hurting students for too long. It is a failed experiment, and it is long past time that the legislature rectify their mistake and repeal the use of VAM in district accountability and teacher evaluations. Your legislators represent you, their constituents. It is crucial for them to hear from you in your own words.

How has the current accountability system hurt you and your students? Click here to send your legislators a personal letter outlining your experience and asking them to make a change!