Tell Lawmakers to Put the Safety of Students and Educators First

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UPDATE (6/24) -- Thank you for writing to your Representative about HB 59 – it worked! As you may have seen, HB 59 did pass on the House Floor this week, but LFT was able to work with the author to develop the needed amendments before the vote. This was only possible because so many of you spoke out about the need to protect school staff and most importantly, students from harmful practices. As amended, the bill does not allow school districts to claim immunity if they violate federal, state or local laws or policy under this statue. If a claim covered by this statue arises, your ability to file for workman’s compensation is protected and teachers and support staff who follow district policy from will be protected from lawsuits.

LFT fought to make sure your voice was heard at the Capitol. Thank you Representative Mincey for your willingness to listen to educators’ concerns and work with us to make the necessary changes! Teacher, school staff and students have a new champion at the Capitol!

And don’t forget – on Thursday at 6pm, the Senate Committee on Education will discuss the reopening of K-12 Schools in Louisiana. Specifically, they will go over plans, guidelines and guidance to be issued by the Louisiana Department of Education. Dr. Cade Brumley, State Superintendent of Education and Dr. Courtney Phillips, Secretary, Department of Health will be on hand to answer questions from the committee and the public. Watch live on the legislative website or Facebook!

As we look ahead to the upcoming school year, open dialogue between policymakers, administrators, educators and parents on measures schools need to consider in reopening during this pandemic should be a priority for all education stakeholders. LFT will be there to represent teachers and school employees concerns.



ACTION ALERT: Louisiana lawmakers will soon consider passing a piece of legislation (House Bill 59) that would free local school districts from any liability that may occur as a result of an employee or student contracting a virus or infectious disease while present in a public school facility or on a school campus. HB 59's current posture could negatively impact teachers, school support staff, the community as a whole, and above all: our children.

The LFT and LAE have partnered together and we are currently working with author of HB 59 on amendments to place the bill in a posture that would protect teachers, school support, and students.
We are advocating to ensure that proper CDC protocols and guidance are not circumvented upon the reopening of schools and school facilities in order to protect the health of every single child, teacher, paraprofessional, school bus driver, secretary, custodian, food service worker, and any other education professionals in a school facility or on a school campus.
While we are still uncertain about what exactly will happen in the fall, we stand firm on one thing: Louisiana's school doors should only reopen if districts can ensure every measure possible is in place to protect the lives of our children and the adults who serve them. The safety and well-being of these individuals is our top priority, and the same should apply for our elected officials -- everyone from state lawmakers to locally elected school board members.