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Hardship Assistance Grants: Hurricane Ida


Less than two weeks ago Hurricane Ida ravaged parts of Southeastern Louisiana. Power lines were torn down, water was left undrinkable, homes are damaged and destroyed and most unfortunately, lives have been lost. For many, the recovery process has only just started. This is a time when we must all come together to help our neighbors and rebuild our communities. To help aid in this recovery, the Louisiana Federation of Teachers has partnered with the American Federation of Teachers to provide hardship assistance to members impacted by Hurricane Ida.

Quarantine Tracker

Unfortunately, Louisiana doesn't have an official list of all the schools which have experienced a quarantine due to COVID-19. Therefore, Louisiana Federation of Teachers & School Employees is working to track instances of COVID-19 outbreaks in schools.

If you know of an outbreak or quarantine, please report it using this form.

Safety Reporting Form

Have you witnessed any safety issues in your school? Has the school or district failed to live up to the appropriate safety protocols? 

Please use this form to report any issues that you have seen in your school or district regarding compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols. Someone from your Local Union office will get in touch with you about how we can rectify the situation. 

PPE for LFT Members

Louisiana Federation of Teachers and School Employees has partnered with our national affiliate, American Federation of Teachers to bring 30,000 masks to Louisiana teachers and school staff. These masks were donated to LFT by the United States Heartland China Association and the Wanxiang Group.

Inadequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has plagued frontline workers throughout the pandemic, which is why LFT and our partners are making these free masks available to any member who needs one. Please contact your local affiliate to get your mask or learn about their individual distribution plan. 

Find Your Local

Your LFT local is your best resource for information about what is going on in your local community or your school. If you need assistance or representation, your Local will be able to assist you. 

Click here to find your LFT local.

Louisiana Federation of Teachers: A commitment to public education

The Louisiana Federation of Teachers is more than an organization. It is nearly 21,000 teachers and school employees who wake up every morning determined to make a difference in the lives of all the children in our schools. Those dedicated professionals, our members, are the heart and soul of the union.

At the core of the LFT’s commitment to public education is our determination to preserve and protect the rights professional educators. They are the experts in their fields, and they have the education, expertise and certification required to provide the instruction and support our children deserve.

Retirement Resources

Louisiana's Retirement Systems:

  • TRSL - Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana
  • LASERS - Louisiana State Employees Retirement System

Many LFT locals have active retiree chapters for members who want to stay engages in their Union and their Profession after they retire. To find out if your local has a retiree chapter, please contact your local office:

Additionally, the Louisiana Retired Teachers Association (LRTA) has many great resources about how we can work together to protect and enhance TRSL.