LFT says fix the broken system!

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Last June, a major newspaper summed up the 2012 legislative session with just three words: "What a mess!" It was widely predicted that lawsuits would follow the session.

Last June, the Louisiana Federation of Teachers filed suit against the flawed education reforms of 2012. Courts have since ruled major sections of Gov. Jindal's education agenda unconstitutional, and the State Supreme Court is deliberating a final verdict.

Today, the LFT stands at the forefront in the fight for logical, fair policies that work for children, teachers, and our communities.

Even so, unaccountable private and religious schools still divert resources from public education. Children, teachers and local school systems still suffer as state funding stagnates and expenses mushroom. Companies that market standardized tests cost Louisiana’s tax-payers at least $23.1 million dollars a year, while their products suck the joy of learning from our classrooms. And the accelerated exodus of dedicated educators continues.

Regardless of how the Supreme Court rules, this legislative session will take another look at education reform.

LFT President Steve Monaghan has given the news media a report on the Federation's agenda for the 2013 session. To see the presentation in its entirety, please click here.