The October Newsletter

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On October 12th Governor Edwards secured significantly more votes than any of any other Gubernatorial candidate. While insufficient to secure an outright win, this is a testament to his leadership and success as our Governor. In his first term, Louisiana has recovered from a devastating deficit, supported teachers and students, and he has delivered on his promise to restore faith in government. That is why so many teachers and support staff from across Louisiana have been working to ensure Governor Edwards’ re-election, and they will continue this dedicated work through November. To join your colleagues and volunteer in this election, please go to


LFT is supporting Governor Edwards for re-election because he has been working alongside teachers and support staff for the betterment of schools and students since his early days as a member of the House of Representatives.

In 2012 Edwards fought Jindal's efforts to eliminate teacher tenure across the state.

In 2013 Edwards worked with LFT to oppose Jindal's voucher expansion programs and protect our retirement.

Under Governor Edward's leadership Louisiana’s $2 billion deficit has become a surplus; more of our school support staff have access to health insurance through the Medicaid expansion program; local governments have more control over their own property taxes; and perhaps most importantly, Louisiana is finally able to start re-investing in public education after years of disinvestment. If we continue down this path, little by little, we'll get teachers back up to the Southern Regional Average for pay and fully fund public education.

We still have a long way to go, but Rispone will only bring us backwards. Rispone was right there, standing next to Jindal as he privatized schools, hired John White, and pushed Louisiana into a $2 billion budget deficit. He worked with Betsy Devos’ to bring her education policies to Louisiana by creating and overseeing the Louisiana division of her pro-privatization political action fund. Rispone will be just as destructive as Jindal was, if not worse. We must fight for our future and defend our children's schools.


This month the Louisiana Retired Teachers Association invited LFT President Larry Carter and the entire Louisiana Public School Coalition to speak at their State-wide Fall Meeting. The panel discussion focused on the increased influence we have when we work together and our collective power at the capitol. After the completion of the Coalition's successful BESE Candidate Forums this Fall, the Coalition is refocusing on education policy post-election.


LFT locals across the state have embraced the spooky this October season. Calcasieu Federation of Teachers' stocked teachers' lounges across the parish with Halloween goodies and members who referred their friends got a special treat.

Jefferson Federation of Teachers celebrated Union-spirit days where dress up in their JFT blue. The bus drivers of Red River United in Caddo Parish came together to demand respect, fair pay and fair working conditions.


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