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Ask BESE to Pass a Larger Raise!

On Thursday, April 29th, the Senate Education Committee voted to reject the MFP proposal that had been sent to the legislature by the Board of Elementary and ask that they increase the teacher/school employee pay raise. The legislature has done the hard work and come up with the money to fund the salary increase, now BESE needs to do their part. The recommendation they submitted to BESE, calls for a $1,000 increase for teachers/certified personnel and $500 for uncertified personnel.

This is first step in Louisiana’s teachers and school employees receiving the promised and long overdue salary increases. While still not large enough to make up for all that our educators have been through, this raise is significantly more than what was previously submitted by the Governor's office. Thank you to Senator Fields, Speaker Clay Schexnayder, President Cortez, and Representative Zeringue for working to secure this additional education funding.
Now, the MFP will return to BESE and they will decide how to proceed. It is vital that BESE members heed the recommendation from the Senate Education Committee and approve an MFP proposal that includes the increased pay raises. Our teachers and school employees deserve no less.

Click here to send a letter to BESE asking them to pass an MFP that funds additional pay raises for teachers and school employees!

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