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May Report 2020

After skipping last month's meeting due to COVID-19, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education met on May 19th and 20th. Additional precautions were taken to ensure everyone's safety. Masks were required for everyone, gloves were provided for additional security, staff cleaned the tables and microphones before each person's testimony, and everyone was required to stay 6 feet apart. To that end, many of the BESE members sat in the audience at pres-spaced points and only 25% of the seats could be filled. 

By far, the most consequential item on the agenda was determining who should serve as Louisiana's State Superintendent. John White left the position in March and Beth Scioneaux has been serving as Acting State Superintendent throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Previously, the BESE Superintendent Search Subgroup has narrowed the search to six finalists and conducted a survey to gauge public opinion. The results showed that teachers, support staff, parents and community members overwhelmingly favored Dr. Brumley and his experience as an educator. 

After the BESE conducted their normal business they turned to the matter of hiring a new State Superintendent and many different organizations testified in favor of a particular candidate or their qualifications or about the importance of particular experience. 

Finally, the Board nominated three finalists: Dr. Cade Brumley, Jessica Baghian and Lonnie Luce. In the initial round of voting no candidate received the required eight votes so the board took a break and reconvened for a second round of voting. In the next round, Cade Brumley emerged victorious, securing exactly eight of eleven total votes.  

Next, Cade Brumley will negotiate the terms of his employment contract with Sandy Holloway, BESE President. Then he will need to be confirmed by the Senate Committee on Senate and Governmental Affairs as well as the entire Senate. Click here to write a letter to the Senate Committee regarding Dr. Brumley's appointment

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