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Action Alert: Save Your Retirement System

On Monday, the Senate Retirement Committee will consider Senate Bill 22. This legislation would require teachers and state employees to work until the age of 67 in order to receive their full benefit, regardless of how long they have worked. It could result in slashed benefits for future employees, casting retirees into poverty.

Send a letter to the Senate Retirement Committee asking them to oppose Senate Bill 22.

The Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana is one of the most financially successful pension programs in the country and with recent reforms, it’s on track to pay off the debt accrued by legislators in the past.
Many people in our state have dedicated their working careers to public service as teachers, nurses, mobile equipment operators, child welfare specialists and a variety of other occupations that provide needed services to Louisiana citizens. The State of Louisiana provides retirement for these individuals as part of their employment compensation because they cannot participate in Social Security.  
A full, working career has benefits for the state and the public servant—the state can count on sustaining an experienced workforce and the employee can count on a modest, yet reliable source of income in retirement. Louisiana has led the nation with its work to protect the fiscal health and future sustainability of its retirement systems for teachers and state employees.  
Senate Bill 22 would limit Louisiana’s ability to recruit and retain talented teachers and public service employees by slashing retirement benefits and weakening the integrity of our state retirement benefits!

Send a letter to the Senate Retirement Committee asking them to VOTE NO for Senate Bill 22.

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