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Senate Bill 22 Fails to Pass the Senate - But Can it Come Back?

LFT members sent nearly 7,000 emails to Louisiana Senators asking them to oppose Senate Bill 22 – and your voices were heard! On Tuesday, April 27th Senate Bill 22 by Senator Peacock came before the full Senate and was returned to the calendar. 
LFT strongly opposed Senate Bill 22 because it would have raised the age of retirement to 67 for all future employees. In order to receive full benefits, new teachers, school employees, bus drivers and other public servants would have to work 40 years, or until the age of 67. 
Senators were considering some amendments to the bill, but they didn’t offset the harm the legislation would have caused. And ultimately, this reform would have had very little fiscal impact on the retirement systems, even decades down the road – it was merely reform for reform’s sake. A special thank you to Senators Ed Price J. Rogers Pope for speaking out against this legislation on the Senate floor!
Senator Peacock asked that his bill be “returned to the calendar,” which leaves open the possibility that he could ask for his bill to be reconsidered at a later date. LFT will continue to remain vigilant as the session unfolds. If you haven’t already, please sign up for LFT Action Alerts so that you can be among the first to get Legislative Updates and Action Alerts. 

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