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Senate Bill 22 Passed Senate Retirement Committee

Thank you to the thousands of concerned teachers, school employees, and retirees who sent letters to the Senate Retirement Committee this weekend! Your outcry made a difference -- but despite our work, Senate Bill 22 did successfully pass through the Senate Retirement Committee.

Now, the bill must return to the Senate Floor, for a full vote of the Senate before moving on to the Louisiana House of Representatives for approval. Please take a moment to ask your Senator to VOTE NO on this unnecessary and damaging legislation.

Senate Bill 22 would raise the age of retirement to 67 for all future employees. In order to receive full benefits, new teachers, school employees, bus drivers and other public servants will have to work 40 years, or until the age of 67.

The Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana is one of the most financially successful pension programs in the country and with recent reforms, it’s on track to pay off the debt accrued by legislators in the past. Nothing in the proposed legislation would help to pay off the debt any faster.

Unlike the private sector, Louisiana's teachers don't have the option to collect Social Security. Most do not have an alternate retirement fund. They must to pay into the pension plan, and then they can be assured of a dependable monthly benefit after they retire.

This legislation would make it more difficult for school districts to recruit and retain talented employees and could undermine the integrity of our profession. Ultimately, this would only serve to hurt students.

Send a letter to your Senator asking them to VOTE NO on Senate Bill 22!

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