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Week 7: The Final Stretch



There are less than two weeks left in the legislative session. It’s down to the wire and yet, the House Education Committee is still working to block passage of the MFP funding plan in every way that they can. They need to hear from you. Call the House Switchboard right now and ask to leave a message for your representative:

Call 225-342-6945

  1. Tell them your name and your representative's name.
  2. Ask them to support SCR 3.
  3. Let them know how they can contact you.

Not sure who your representative is? Look it up here:


On Thursday, LFT partnered with locals around the state to do in-person tele-town halls introducing more opportunities for teachers and support staff to get involved in this process. Please take a moment to contact your representatives. Our strength at the capital comes from you all – from members all over the state that will fight for what’s best for students and public education. But now, your representatives need to hear it directly from you:

Along with our partners in the Louisiana Public Schools Coalition, are hosting two lobby days next week:

Tuesday, May 28th

Meet at 11:30 am in the Courtyard outside the House Chamber

Wednesday, May 29th

Meet at 8:30 am at the 4th Floor Press Room

Please make plans to attend one or both of these days and wear your Union gear!

If you can't join us at the capital, click here to send a note to your representative.


SCR 3 would secure $101 million for reoccurring raises and $39 million for local school districts in the MFP. This was unanimously passed by BESE in March and nearly unanimously passed out of the Senate last week.

However, nine members of the House Education Committee insist there isn’t quite enough money for the increase in funding for local school districts. Where would they rather spend that money? Well, despite the new investigative report that exposed serious flaws in our existing school voucher program, these representatives voted to approve another voucher program which would cost Louisiana taxpayers $46.6 million dollars (House Bill 446 by Rep. Steve Carter).

It seems these legislators are happy to spend more than $46 million on vouchers (private, under-regulated organizations with limited accountability) but won’t trust our elected school boards with $39 million for public school children.

We all know that the money is there. This is a $30 billion-dollar budget and we have more than $300 million dollars in surplus from last year. Yet, for some reason, we’re haggling over $20 million for public schools? It's time for the political games to end.


As you already know, the House budget does not include funding for the MFP. It’s important to understand that the MFP Resolution does not appropriate the money to fund the MFP, it only establishes the request. The bill that ultimately appropriates the money is the Budget Bill, and this bill must be revised to reflect BESE's MFP recommendation. The next opportunity we have to convince lawmakers to do this is in the Senate Finance Committee on Friday, and then on the Senate floor next week.


On Tuesday, the House Education considered HB 337 by Rep. Pat Smith. This bill had the potential to create a grievance process around the value-added assessment model (VAM). LFT worked with Rep. Smith to create this bill because VAM scores impact a teacher's pay, job security and reputation, but many teachers have found serious flaws in the way their results are calculated. One of those teachers is Erin Pizarro, a member of Red River United who trekked all the way from Caddo to share her story. Unfortunately, the committee rejected HB 337 -- and it was many of the same members who rejected the MFP that also rejected HB 337 -- but because of the work of Pat Smith and teachers like Ms. Pizarro, more and more people are finally beginning to understand the problems with this assessment model.

Next week, follow Ms. Pizarro's example and


For more information about lobby day, text LFT to 69238!

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