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WEEK 8: Educators Come Together


Hundreds of educators came to the Capitol this week -- join them by taking action to secure reoccurring pay raises and school funding.


Louisiana Federation of Teachers and School Employees and the entire Louisiana Public School Coalition (LPSC) hosted two lobby days at the Capitol this week: Tuesday and Wednesday. Hundreds of teachers, support staff, principals, superintendents, school board members and retired teachers joined forces to lobby their legislators in the House of Representatives around a common message: support Senate Concurrent Resolution 3! SCR 3 is the legislative approval of the MFP, which provides for $101 million in educator pay raises and $39 million in increases for local school districts.

Wednesday was declared Public Education Day at the capitol, and members of the LPSC were honored on the House Floor and in the House Education Committee Meeting. At noon, the Coalition had a press conference on the front steps of the capitol about the importance of SCR 3 and we were joined by Governor Edwards and a handful of our allies in the House and Senate. When the House convened in the afternoon, educators talked with their representatives face-to-face about the importance of pay raises and school funding.


On Thursday, the House Committee on Education finally heard SCR 3 and moved it out of the committee without objection. This is a huge step and it was only possible because so many of you came together to talk to you representatives.


Later that afternoon, the full Senate approved HB 105 -- including the amendment that funds the the MFP.

Now funding for the MFP is secured in the budget, but unless the entire legislature approved SCR 3, any pay increase would be one-time only!


On Sunday, SCR 3 went to the House Appropriations Committee. This is standard procedure for any resolution with a fiscal note, but it was another big hurdle for educator pay raises and school funding. Thankfully, the the committee approved SCR 3!

Had it not been for the hundreds of educators at the capitol this week and the thousands who wrote, called, emailed and texted their legislators throughout the session, this wouldn't have been possible. We are so close to finally securing a pay raise and increased school funding!

We are now THREE steps closer to securing reoccurring pay raises and school funding, but we aren't there yet.


Now that the Education and Appropriations Committees have approved SCR 3, the full House of Representatives will need to vote. They will consider the resolution on Monday.

This is the last step -- we're so close! Continue reaching out to your legislators before they vote!

Click here to give them (another) call!

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