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LFT president applauds decision to delay MFP task force report

(Baton Rouge – December 13, 2013) The postponement of today’s planned Minimum Foundation Program Task Force was handled in a “statesmanlike manner,” according to Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan.

The decision to delay the meeting was made by Task Force Chairman Jay Guillot, a Board of Elementary and Secondary Education member from Ruston.

In a letter announcing his decision to delay the task force’s final meeting, Guillot said that is important for all members of the group to reach consensus on a report to the full BESE board.

“While your comments to me indicate that the majority of you support the proposed policies,” Guillot wrote to task force members, “for a small number of you, issues remain to be worked out. As I am unwilling to advance a slate to you that does not represent our best attempt at consensus, I am postponing tomorrow's meeting.”

Monaghan said, “I do believe Mr. Guillot’s letter was composed in the same manner that he chaired the task force – graciously.”

When the task force met, Monaghan said, Guillot was respectful of all the viewpoints represented by members, and gave equal time to all who wished to speak on a topic.

“It really does not surprise me that Mr. Guillot wants to report recommendations to BESE with nothing less than full consensus,” Monaghan said. “This represents a very positive step, and we look forward to participating in future bipartisan efforts to reach fair consensus.”

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