LFT hopeful that supreme court will overturn vouchers

(New Orleans - March 19) For more than an hour on Tuesday, attorneys for the Louisiana Federation of Teachers and others explained to the State Supreme Court why a district judge ruled one of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s assaults on public education unconstitutional.

Ravitch and Roemer debate education reform in Baton Rouge

Education historian Diane Ravitch and Board of Elementary and Secondary Education President Chas Roemer debated the way education is being overhauled in Louisiana on Thursday, March 14. Roemer, defending the status quo of Gov. Jindal’s reforms, was clearly outmatched.

Lawmakers discuss school employees and the Jindal agenda

A panel of lawmakers agreed Saturday that the Jindal administration’s agenda hurts school employees and their families. Five members of the House of Representatives spoke at the Louisiana Federation of Teachers’ annual Paraprofessional and School Related Personnel Conference in Baton Rouge.