LFT hopeful that supreme court will overturn vouchers

(New Orleans - March 19) For more than an hour on Tuesday, attorneys for the Louisiana Federation of Teachers and others explained to the State Supreme Court why a district judge ruled one of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s assaults on public education unconstitutional.


Education Dept. report sad rather than clever, LFT says

“It is universally known there are huge problems with this system, and the system is currently being tweaked,” (LFT President Steve) Monaghan said. “Nonetheless, there is still an unrelenting persistence to defend the system by any means necessary, including the use of suspect data to impugn the quality of teachers who are fed up and are voting with their feet.”


BESE Report: January 2013

BESE adopts changes to Bulletin 741, with minor modifications

Perhaps influenced by thousands of e-mails, telephone calls and personal contacts, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education made some modest adjustments to proposed rule changes affecting Bulletin 741, the School Administrators’ Handbook.