Pay Raises & School Funding

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On the state-level, school funding is determined by the Minimum Foundation Program (MFP). It's a funding formula for Louisiana public schools. The MFP is seperate from what local school districts raise to fund their schools through taxes and local bond initiatives. Part of the MFP is dedicated to general school funding — that money goes to local school districts to use at their discretion — and part is reserved specifically for school employee pay, but both are critically important.

Each year, LFT members and staff fight for increases in the MFP, but passing a new MFP with additional funding for schools or teacher/school employee raises is never guaranteed. It’s a long, bureaucratic process and there’s a lot of opportunities where something can go wrong. To learn more about how the process works, click here.  

In 2019, Louisiana took a step in the right direction regarding pay raises and school funding. For the first time in a decade, the legislature passed an MFP that guaranteed raises for every teacher and support employee in the state, but it’s not enough. We have years of disinvestment to make up for and Louisiana educators are still below the Southern Regional Average for pay, which is why it’s vital that this year we continue to move forward.

The 2020 legislative session runs from March 9th until June 1st. If a new MFP with additional funding isn't passed during that time, our schools, teachers, and support staff will not see any additional funding from the state next school year.

We must come together to fight for fair funding.


The Revenue Estimating Conference still hasn't approved a revenue estimate.

The MFP Task Force Recommends Pay Raises and School Funding.

BESE Approves the MFP Task Force Recomendation 

Take Action: Write to the REC!

We must make sure that the REC passes a sensible revenue projection before it’s too late – otherwise the legislature won’t have the money they need to fund teacher pay raises and school funding. Please use the form below, or click here, to send a letter to the REC!