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Statement from Louisiana Federation of Teachers Regarding LDOE Policy Change for Students Exposed to COVID-19

Following yesterday’s release of a new policy from the Louisiana Department of Education students, parents and LFT members across the state have expressed confusion and concern about safety in their schools. The new policy could eliminate the need for students to quarantine after being exposed to COVID-19 before returning to school. While COVID-19 and the Delta variant continue to rapidly spread across the state, schools have remained a safer space due to increased COVID-19 protocols.

LFT President Reacts to Senator’s Letter: Immediately Expand Vaccine Eligibility to our Teachers and School Employees

The following is a statement from the President of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers & School Employees (LFT), Larry J. Carter, Jr. LFT is the largest organization of educators in the state of Louisiana.

“I’d like to applaud Senator Cleo Fields for the letter he sent to Governor Edwards today, requesting that Louisiana immediately expand vaccine eligibility to our teachers and school employees.

LFT President Larry Carter Speaks Out About State Funding for Education

(Baton Rouge - February 21, 2019) This week Larry Carter, President of Louisiana Federation of Teachers, was featured as a guest columnist in the Advocate. He spoke out about the importance of raising pay for teachers and school employees this legislative term. "As an elementary school teacher, I expected to experience child-like behaviors from my students. As president of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers, I did not expect to experience it at the State Capitol from adults" he began.

Click here to see the full column.

Appeals Court okays union recognition in charter schools

(New Orleans – September 25) Louisiana’s charter schools must recognize and bargain with unions if that is the desire of teachers and school employees, according to a unanimous ruling by the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The September 21 ruling by a three-judge panel affirmed a decision by the National Labor Relations Board, asserting that the International High School of New Orleans violated the National Labor Relations Act when the group holding the school’s charter refused to recognize the school’s bargaining unit.

LA education lost over $1 Billion in a “Decade of neglect”

(Baton Rouge – August 13, 2018) Louisiana spends more than a billion dollars less on education, adjusted for inflation, now than it did prior to the recession of 2008, according to a new study by the American Federation of Teachers.

“It has taken our legislature 10 years to finally adopt a budget that is stable and predictable, without playing budget tricks and sweeping funds for one-time money,” said Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Larry Carter. “Now it’s time to address the neglect the situation that bad decisions by the previous administration brought us to.”

Teachers demand action on salaries

Nearly 4,000 teachers respond to LFT survey
LFT will confer with local leaders and partners about next steps

(Baton Rouge – May 21, 2018) Large majorities of Louisiana public school teachers favor some type of action to convince the state legislature and local school boards that pay raises are needed, according to a survey of nearly 4,000 teachers released by the Louisiana Federation of Teachers today.

Finally: Justice for exploited Filipino teachers

(Baton Rouge – October 25, 2017) After years of litigation, approximately 350 Filipino teachers who were held in virtual bondage in Louisiana by a placement agency are slated to receive money from a class action lawsuit against the recruiter and her company. Each teacher will receive approximately $2,200.00.

“This is the bittersweet ending to a sad story of exploitation,” said Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Larry Carter. “While these teachers can never be properly compensated for their suffering, we have at least validated the rule of law and sent a strong message to those who would profit from such human trafficking.”

Survey: Americans favor public schools; oppose vouchers

 (September 1, 2017) An annual survey by a respected education organization shows that Americans generally favor public education, oppose over-testing of students, and don’t want public education funds spent on private and religious schools.

“The Phi Delta Kappa survey tells us that most Americans are leery of what the status quo has been offering,” said Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Larry Carter. “They are more interested in building a bright future for their children than in compiling test data.”