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MFP Task Force Recommends Pay Raises & School Funding


LFT’s representative on the Task Force is Legislative and Political Director Cynthia Posey and today, she fought back against attempts to limit school funding and raises. Over the last few weeks, LFT took your concerns to the Governor and today he showed he heard us. His team did propose funding for teacher raises. And ultimately, the Task Force came together to take a united step forward towards getting even more funding for schools, teachers, and supports staff.

Understanding School Funding






The MFP is the K-12 Funding Formula for Louisiana public schools. Passing a new MFP with additional funding for schools or teacher/school employee raises is never guaranteed. It’s a long, bureaucratic process and there’s a lot of opportunities for it to go wrong. Click here to learn more about the MFP and what we can do to ensure there's enough money available to pay for teacher and school employee raises. 

How Do We Know How Much Money There Is?

Get to Know the REC

The Revenue Estimating Conference (REC) decides how much taxpayer money lawmakers are allowed to spend. They usually base their projections off of the recommendations of bi-partisan economists who have extensively studied the Louisiana economy, but once again the REC is playing politics instead of doing what's best for our state. 

Learn more about how the REC works and what you can do to make sure they pass a sensible revenue estimate now!

The 2019 Legislative Session

This fiscal session will be very important for teachers and support staff all across the state and at LFT we will be watching closely. Each week throughout the session we’ll send out updates to keep you informed about what’s going on. This session is only 9 weeks long and we have a lot of work to do in order to protect our rights and ensure teachers and support employees get a raise – we need all hands on deck! 


LFT legislative goals, 2018 regular session

 With a budget crisis looming over all other issues in the legislative session, lawmakers must still make important decisions about school safety, educator rights, retirement security and other important

Here are some of the goals of the LFT’s lobbying team in the regular legislative session:

2018 Legislative Resources

Here is your source of information about the 2018 Legislative Session. See the LFT's goals for the session, catch up on our Weekly Legislative Digest, and check out the list of bills supported and opposed by the Federation.

Legislative Resources 2017

Keep up with the action as Governor John Bel Edwards and the Louisiana Legislature try to reconfigure our state’s finances in the 2017 Regular Legislative Session.