The Next Legislative Session Starts TOMORROW

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Special Legislative Session Begins

The Louisiana legislature has convened a Special Session to begin Monday. It shall end no later than 6 P.M. on October 27, 2020 and there are 70 different items that may be subject to legislation during the session. Included in the items enumerated in the Call are state tax revenue and school funding, among others.
Because the session was called so quickly, there are still any number of different bills being written that could impact teachers, support employees and our students. While the session may be short, decisions will be made that could have a lasting impact on Louisiana schools and it is vital that educators stay up to date about the ongoing issues.
  • On Wednesday, the House Committee on Education will meet for a more general overview of schools in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This discussion will impact their legislative priorities for the duration of the Session. They need to hear from teachers, support staff, and parents about what is really happening in our schools. Click here to send a message to the committee.
Unfortunately, some employees are afraid to report their concerns to the LDOE because the state will send the name of those who report issues to the district Superintendent and the President of the School Board. If you see any instances where someone has faced retaliation or retribution for following safety protocols and properly reporting outbreaks or safety violations, contact your Union representative immediately.
Please continue to update us about any COVID-19 related safety issues you have seen in your schools. We will use this information in our discussions with legislators to help design safer protocols and ensure that school districts are responsible for the health and safety of their students and employees. (Your name and personal information will be kept confidential.)