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Senate panel rejects Minimum Foundation program

Monaghan: It’s time to involve all stakeholders in the discussion

(Baton Rouge – May 15, 2013) Citing a Supreme Court ruling that money from public education’s Minimum Foundation Program cannot be used to pay for private and religious school vouchers, the Senate Education Committee today rejected the $3.46 billion spending plan, and sent it back to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education for a rewrite.


Education Dept. report sad rather than clever, LFT says

“It is universally known there are huge problems with this system, and the system is currently being tweaked,” (LFT President Steve) Monaghan said. “Nonetheless, there is still an unrelenting persistence to defend the system by any means necessary, including the use of suspect data to impugn the quality of teachers who are fed up and are voting with their feet.”


Judge says state voucher scheme is unconstitutional

“Today’s ruling was a victory for the constitution and the rule of law,” said LFT President Steve Monaghan following the verdict. “It was also a victory for the nearly 700,000 children who depend on public schools for an education, and for local citizens who do not want their tax dollars diverted away from the uses they intended.”


Judge stalls Jindal education agenda in Tangipahoa

U.S. District Judge Ivan L.R. Lemelle agreed with the Tangipahoa Parish School Board that both Act 1 and Act 2 of the 2012 legislative session will upset the agreement that allows Tangipahoa Parish schools to operate within federal desegregation guidelines.

Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan praised the judge’s ruling, saying that Gov. Jindal’s plan was hustled through the legislature too quickly for proper debate and oversight.


LFT recognizes Gannett and The Nation for education journalism

(Baton Rouge – November 18, 2012) Six members of the Gannett newspaper chain’s reporting team were recognized by the Louisiana Federation of Teachers today for their groundbreaking series of reports on education issues emerging from the 2012 Louisiana legislative session.

Also receiving a School Bell Award for Excellence in Education Journalism was Matthew Cunningham-Cook, a reporter for The Nation magazine, who investigated the role that billionaire donors played in last year’s election to the state board of education.


Federation chapters demonstrate their values

These activities exemplify what the Federation stands for 

(Baton Rouge – November 18, 2012) Six local chapters of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers today received the Union Values in Action Award for improving the lives of members, enhancing the influence of the union and advancing the mission of public education.


Voucher rule hearing a mockery, LFT says

(Baton Rouge – October 26, 2012) Thursday’s hearing on accountability rules for schools that receive tuition vouchers made a mockery of the process and reinforced suspicions that the state now has a policy in favor of private and religious schools over public education, Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan said today.


Voucher rules need stronger accountability standards

(Baton Rouge – October 25, 2012) Private and religious schools that receive state funds through vouchers should be held to accountability standards comparable to public schools, Louisiana Federation of Teachers resident Steve Monaghan said today.


BESE to hold hearing on new rules for voucher schools

(Baton Rouge- October 23, 2012) Responding to a request from the Louisiana Federation of Teachers, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education has scheduled hearing to accept public comments on proposed accountability rules for private and religious schools that accept state funds as tuition vouchers.