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Tenure bill rehashes fight from 2012

Certainly no one wants to repeat the 2012 Legislative Session, right?

Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan said SB 89 suggests that the Governor is "doubling down on flawed policy borne of bad politics."


LFT asks BESE to reject school funding formula

(Baton Rouge – March 7, 2013) In a solid show of opposition to the $3.46 billion school funding plan proposed by State Superintendent of Education John White, three major stakeholders agreed today that his Minimum Foundation Program formula should be rejected and that an MFP study committee should be revived.

Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan, Louisiana School Boards Association Executive Director Scott Richard and Louisiana Association of School Superintendents President Michael Faulk all agreed that the spending formula cannot withstand constitutional scrutiny and does not meet the educational needs of Louisiana’s school children.


MFP an end-run around Constitution, LFT says

(Baton Rouge – February 28, 2013) Describing today’s release of a proposed Minimum Foundation Program formula as an attempted end run around the State Constitution, Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan urged lawmakers to declare it dead on arrival when the legislature convenes on April 8.


Education Department defies legislature on teacher raise

(Baton Rouge - June 14, 2013) Apparently flaunting the will of the Louisiana Legislature, the Louisiana Department of Education is reportedly determined to distribute a small, one-time stipend for certificated classroom teachers based on a flawed and inaccurate teacher evaluation system.


Judge agrees to hear arguments for new teacher evaluation trial

Update: The hearing for a new trial has been rescheduled and will be held on Monday, March 4, in Baton Rouge's 19th Judicial District Court.

(Baton Rouge – January 24, 2013) A Baton Rouge district judge has agreed to rehear arguments that one of Governor Bobby Jindal’s signature education acts violates a constitutional prohibition on bundling multiple objectives in one piece of legislation.

Act 1 tied virtually every aspect of a teacher’s professional life, from salaries to tenure to termination, to a new evaluation system. But it also changed several sections of law dealing with the powers of school boards and superintendents.


LFT: Rethink reform after Supreme Court decision

(Baton Rouge – May 14, 2013) In the wake of a State Supreme Court ruling that the state is unconstitutionally funding school voucher and course choice programs, Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan is asking lawmakers to step back and rethink the controversial education reforms of 2012.


Judge says state voucher scheme is unconstitutional

“Today’s ruling was a victory for the constitution and the rule of law,” said LFT President Steve Monaghan following the verdict. “It was also a victory for the nearly 700,000 children who depend on public schools for an education, and for local citizens who do not want their tax dollars diverted away from the uses they intended.”


Senate committee rejects MFP

Overwhelming opposition from LFT, school boards, superintendents and special education community spells doom for the $3.46 billion spending plan.