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Bogus reform group touts vouchers again

(Baton Rouge – January 14, 2014) To no one’s surprise, an organization dedicated to promoting school vouchers for private and religious schools is heaping praise on Louisiana’s voucher scheme.

LFT says “No” to education funding plan

(Baton Rouge – January 6, 2014) Concerned about the legality of some changes to education funding as well as its lack of guaranteed pay raises for educators, Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan today cast one of the only two votes against a plan proposed by the state’s Minimum Foundation Program Task Force.

District court will rule on teacher suit next month

State attorney agrees with LFT: Act 1 is flawed and imperfect

(Baton Rouge – December 20, 2013) A Baton Rouge district court judge said today that he will rule on January 8, 2014 whether one of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s signature education bills violates the state constitution. But in a surprise turn of events, an attorney defending the controversial law noted that it is “flawed” and “imperfect.”

Religious test on employment application raises concerns, LFT says

(Baton Rouge – December 17, 2013) Public funds should not be sent to any schools that pry into a person’s life and impose employment restrictions like those at Baton Rouge’s Hosanna Christian Academy, Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan said today.

LFT had warned state about voucher accountability

Audit slamming voucher schools is no surprise, LFT president says

(Baton Rouge – December 17, 2013) A legislative auditor’s report criticizing state oversight of the controversial school voucher scheme was foreseen by the Louisiana Federation of Teachers more than a year ago, Federation President Steve Monaghan said today.

PISA’s lessons for Louisiana

(Baton Rouge – December 6, 2013) Louisiana’s decision makers should pay attention to the lessons that can be learned from a new international comparison of student achievement, Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan said today.

Teachers, not formula, deserve praise, LFT says

(Baton Rouge – October 24, 2013) Today’s release of so-called school report cards by the State Department of Education affirmed what should have never been in question: Louisiana students reap the benefits provided by teachers dedicated to the education of children.

BESE should review teacher evaluation model, LFT says

(Baton Rouge – October 14, 2013) The teacher evaluation system known as the Value Added Model is dangerously flawed, and the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education should seriously consider three items on its Educator Effectiveness Committee meeting Tuesday afternoon, according to the Louisiana Federation of Teachers.