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Voucher rule hearing a mockery, LFT says

(Baton Rouge – October 26, 2012) Thursday’s hearing on accountability rules for schools that receive tuition vouchers made a mockery of the process and reinforced suspicions that the state now has a policy in favor of private and religious schools over public education, Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan said today.


Voucher rules need stronger accountability standards

(Baton Rouge – October 25, 2012) Private and religious schools that receive state funds through vouchers should be held to accountability standards comparable to public schools, Louisiana Federation of Teachers resident Steve Monaghan said today.


BESE to hold hearing on new rules for voucher schools

(Baton Rouge- October 23, 2012) Responding to a request from the Louisiana Federation of Teachers, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education has scheduled hearing to accept public comments on proposed accountability rules for private and religious schools that accept state funds as tuition vouchers.


LFT responds to school report card

Less than a year ago, Louisiana’s public school teachers were referred to in the harshest terms as our governor declared that some 44 percent of our schools were failures...Today Superintendent John White announced that, by his department’s own reckoning, a record number of schools have earned an “A” grade and the percentage of unsatisfactory schools has fallen from 44 percent to 36 percent.